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Our aim is to create a world-class hub for the Drupal community as part of the thriving Software industry in Sunderland and the North East of England. Through a range of events and by providing support to users of open source software, we want to foster a culture of collaboration in the building and across the region.

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Drupal Training Days

Delivered by local Drupal experts, the Drupal Training Days are a range of low-cost training courses providing beginner one-day programmes to a wide range of attendees from across private, public and non-profit sectors. Already delivered to over 100 attendees these popular courses happen throughout the year.

Contact Us on hello@drupalhub.uk for upcoming training dates

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Drupal Drop Ins

The Drupal Drop In is a regular daytime event where Drupal developers, designers and managers can get together to work in the same space. With no set agenda or activities, the aim is just to share knowledge and benefit from the creativity of others around you.

Contact Us on hello@drupalhub.uk for upcoming drop in dates

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Drupal Sprints

Drupal Sprints are events where people interested in the Drupal community come together to contribute to the Drupal project. Sprints can be contributions to code, documentation, usability and more so are not limited to developers and are a fantastic opportunity to get involved.

Contact Us on hello@drupalhub.uk for upcoming sprint dates

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Drupal Academy

Drupal Academy provides Drupal training courses of all levels and requirements. From one day sessions to intense 5 day courses the tutors in Drupal Academy share decades of Drupal experience on designing, developing and building with the popular platform.

Contact Us on hello@drupalhub.uk for upcoming academy dates

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